Consignor Guidelines

Thank you for consigning at one of Arlington’s largest and best consignment sales! Over the nearly 25 years that we’ve been holding this sale, we’ve developed some guidelines and procedures that will make the sale an easy and successful experience for you and the shoppers.

In return for receiving 80% of your total sales and access to a special Friday presale, consignors commit to:

  • Consign at least 20 quality items of children’s clothing
  • Work one shift during set-up, on sale day or during clean-up
  • Advertise the sale to friends and family via email, social media, online lists or posting flyers.


What we Accept and Don’t Accept
Tips for Successful Preparation and Selling

Item Drop-Off
Consignor Work Shifts
Unsold Items
Consignor Pre-Sale
Thank You


Spring Sale Acceptable

Warm weather clothing up to teen sizes (e.g. no fleece, no corduroy, no heavy jackets), children’s dress-up clothes/costumes, maternity clothes (3 items per consignor), toys, books, videos, kids bikes, backpacks, bathing suits, jellies/flip-flops, sleeveless shirts or dresses, halter tops, Easter items, sandbox toys, other SPRING/SUMMER items.

Fall Sale Acceptable

Cold weather clothing up to teen sizes, maternity clothes (3 items per consignor), baby/child equipment, toys, books, videos, kids bikes, backpacks, Halloween costumes, ice skates, sleds, corduroy shorts/pants, heavy coats or heavy sweaters, other FALL/WINTER items.

Unacceptable (ALWAYS!)

  • NEW: NO exercaucers, slides and play houses, furniture, linens, bumpers, gates or room décor.
  • We will not accept weapons, including guns and/or ammunition for weapons, except Nerf.
  • We will no longer accept stained or torn clothing of any kind. Please consider donating any wearable, but not sellable clothing.
  • vhs video tapes
  • stuffed animals
  • parenting books
  • large/bulky furniture: beds/cribs of any kind, desks, train tables, nursing chairs/rockers, large outdoor furniture, etc. If it takes 2 people to move it, it’s too big.
  • office supplies (e.g. staplers, plastic caddies)
  • free or untagged items
  • tagged item without consignor number or price
  • any cribs or mattresses
  • car or booster seats more than 5 years old
  • items with a price that is not a multiple of $0.25
  • unseasonal clothes or toys
  • in a plastic bag but do not have 2 layers of tape for the label
  • books/videos/DVDs without 2 layers of tape for the label
  • puzzles not wrapped securely
  • have multiple pieces (especially toys) that are not secured together
  • clothes not hung facing left or with tag on front right-hand-side
  • items that are not child-appropriate– no PG13/R DVDs, no adult novels
  • adult bikes, adult clothing, anything dirty, musty, moldy or with rips or tears, games/toys with pieces missing.
  • Any items known to be affected by a recall or that knowingly violate the CPSC guidance listed here:


  • We rely heavily on word of mouth, social media, and flyer distribution.
  • If you are a member of a community bulletin board or email list, have a presence on Facebook/Twitter, or are part of a neighborhood listserv, please post information about our sale- these are a great way to get the word out!
  • Flyers in English and Spanish can be printed from the Kids Stuff Sale website. Post the flyer at local parks, playgrounds, libraries, churches, preschools, elementary schools, community centers, gyms and area businesses frequented by parents and families.
  • LIKE our Facebook Page – “Kids Stuff Sale” and share the posts that are published as each sale approaches.

Registration Guidelines for Consignors

  • You must have a consignor number before participating in the sale. As of Spring 2013, we are accepting new consignors on our waitlist– please complete this form for more information.
  • Before participating each sale, you must register for a work shift. The ONLY way to register is via the website form.
  • Registration for ALL consignors begins at 8:00 a.m. on the day of registration. We use online registration via the registration form on our website.
  • Every form received between 7:30 am and 1:00 pm on registration day will be processed in random order. We will fill any remaining shifts with registrations received after 1:00 pm. Please remember that more than 2/3 of the work shifts are on the Saturday of the sale and that we can’t accommodate everyone’s first preference.
  • If you have problems with the form, you can email Ruth Gordon at ruthmgordon at Ruth will prepare a work shift schedule and post it here on the website. Your work shift will be assigned within 3 days of registration.
  • Please review the labeling/item preparation instructions each year to ensure that you are following the current standard.
  • The sale is limited to the first 100 people who register to consign for that particular sale. If we do not hear from you for two sales, we will assume that you are no longer interested in consigning and remove your name/number from the consignor list. You’re welcome to sit out a sale or two-just let us know to keep you on the list.


  • Label each item with standard color masking tape label no larger than 2″ by 2″. [Do not use blue tape.] Use a dark colored marker or Sharpie when writing labels. Put the label on the outside of the garment in plain sight, unless it will damage the material. On toys or equipment, place one label in an obvious location. If the buyer has to hunt for the label, they may put it back instead. Use only ONE price label on each item.
  • Price each item in $.25 increments. All items priced over $25 should be registered at drop-off with a member of the committee. Despite our best efforts, high-priced items have occasionally been reported stolen from our sale. If you are uncomfortable accepting this risk, please do not consign expensive items.
  • Labels must be legible! Do not cross out mistakes- make a new label. Cross your 7s if you use European numerals. If we can’t read it, it will not be sold. [Do not make your labels too small.]
  • There are a lot of items to choose from at our sale-price items to sell! Over-priced items, when compared to more reasonable choices, may be left behind.
  • If you’re selling small items of value, such as breast pumps, video games, etc., give them to the Committee member in charge at drop-off. We’ll secure the items, put them out for the pre-sale and then secure them again until Saturday morning. This is the best way to ensure the security of your items.
  • If you want the proceeds from the sale of any of your items to go to the church, please label them with consignor number 001.
  • Any items sold in plastic bags, as well as all videos and books, must be “double tagged.” This means they should be labeled using two layers of tape: bottom layer = blank (use non-marking painters tape for the bottom layer on books/DVDs to limit damage to the item), top layer = price label. This speeds up sticker-pulling.

    CLOTHING: (Including Hanger Guidelines)

    Each label must list the following information in this order (see example to right): label sample

    Consignor Number


    Description of Item (optional)

    Use the following sizes only:

    • 0—6 months
    • 6—12 months
    • 12 – 18 months
    • 18 – 24 months
    • 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T
    • 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12+
      • NEW: Khakis, dress pants and slacks should be on HANGERS. Use clip hangers for pants only. (No safety pins)
      • NEW: Jeans/leggings/sweats should be FOLDED.
      • Safety pin clothing sets together (e.g. 2-piece pajamas).
      • We recommend you put ALL dresses, jumpers, coats/jackets, dress-up clothes, and costumes on HANGERS.
      • To minimize damage, velvet, suede, and fur items should not have taped price tags on the outside of the garments. Instead, place labels inside the garment.
    hanger image
    • Hang clothes with the hanger facing left with the tag on the front right side. A better description might be to picture the hanger as it makes a ‘question mark’ shape. The tag goes on the right side, opposite from where the hanger is facing. When you bring in hanging items, poke a hole in the bottom of a trashbag and place the hook of the hanger in the hole with the clothes protected in the bag. Then, label the bag. Or, reuse the bags from the dry cleaners and staple or tape a paper label to that.
    • NEW: Place labeled clothing in grocery bags/boxes by size, (large garbage bags are difficult to unpack, requiring time-consuming re-folding) with one size of one gender in each bag/box (e.g., Boy Size 8 in one bag, Girl Size 2T in another bag, etc). You can put individually labeled bags inside a single box for ease of transport.


  • Please wash all shoes before tagging them. Clean shoes sell faster and command higher prices than dirty ones. Feel free to put pairs of shoes in ziploc bags to keep them clean, as long as you double-tag the plastic bag. Unlike clothing, it is acceptable to pack a box/bag with shoes of different sizes.
  • Label shoes ONLY with their shoe size and gender (e.g. size 11, boys). Please do not label as “3T” but rather with the actual shoe size.
  • Due to space concerns, do not use shoe boxes.
  • NEW: Shoes should be tied/bound together.


  • Label gloves/hats/accessories with the clothing size you wish them to be displayed near. For example: Boy 8 hat/2T


  • Put toys and other items in labeled bags/boxes too, unless they’re too big.
  • Tape together toys with multiple pieces or put them in plastic bags. Wrap puzzles securely in clear plastic wrap or place them in a sealed bag. Please be sure puzzles contain ALL pieces before putting them in the sale.
  • We are no longer accepting stuffed animals.
  • Anything in this category in a plastic bag MUST BE DOUBLE TAGGED (see above).


  • We no longer accept VHS tapes.
  • Label videos without boxes with the title on the spine, like a book.
  • Any items sold in plastic bags, as well as all videos and books, should be labeled using two layers of tape: bottom layer = blank (use non-marking painters tape for the bottom layer on books/DVDs to limit damage to the item), top layer = price label. This speeds up sticker-pulling.

Item Drop Off

  • Do not leave your things unattended at drop-off. If no committee members or workers are there to accept your items, they cannot be left at the church.
  • Items can be dropped off Thursday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm, Wednesday 7pm-9:30pm, and Thursday 7pm-8:30pm. (THERE WILL BE NO WEDNESDAY MORNING DROP OFF THIS SALE.)
  • You may not put out your own items, even if you are scheduled to work. If you bring your items on the day/night you work, plan to arrive with enough time so that you are there, READY TO WORK at 9:30 am or 7:00 pm (otherwise, plan to drop-off your items at another time)
  • If you have more than 8 bags/boxes of items you must bring them in the morning or between 7 and 8pm on Wednesday or Thursday night.
  • We will not accept ANY items for the sale after Thursday evening at 8:30 pm.

Consignor Work Shifts

Tuesday 7:00 pm-10:00 pm Set up tables and signs, assemble clothing racks. (This is HARD WORK and you MUST be physically able to perform these duties)
Wednesday 9:15 am-12:30 pm Set out items for sale
Wednesday 6:45 pm-10:00 pm Set out items for sale
Thursday 9:15 am-12:30 pm Set out items for sale
Thursday 6:45 pm-10:00 pm Set out items for sale
Saturday 7:45 am-10:45 am Work sale (various jobs)
Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm Work sale (various jobs)
Saturday 10:30 am-1:30 pm Work sale (various jobs)
Saturday 11:30 am-2:30 pm Cashier/Sticker puller/Clean-up
Saturday* 12:45 pm-3:00 pm Clean up after sale, put away tables and racks, etc.
After the Sale Data Entry

*NOTE that the Saturday clean-up shift has been divided into a 2.25-hour time shifts due to the physical demands of the work and the difficulty of staffing these positions.

You are welcome to ask your spouse to work in your place for any shift.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT bring children under 12 with you when you work. Children 12 and up who are there to WORK WITH YOU must have permission from the KSS Director, Jill Rabach, prior to coming.

If for any reason you cannot work your shift, please contact us ASAP at If you do not work your shift this sale, you will be asked to work 2 shifts at the next sale. While we are all parents and understand that ‘stuff happens’, habitual lateness or late cancellations are cause for dismissal from the sale.

Unsold Items

Unsold items are donated to worthy organizations chosen by the committee. If you do not wish to have us donate your items, please plan to pick them up before 1pm on the day of the sale. Please also check the “rejected items” and “tag-less” items boxes for items that belong to you. The boxes are usually located at the exit.

It is an honor system-pick up only YOUR unsold items.

Consignor Pre-Sale

Consignors shop times are 6:50 PM, 7:00 PM and 7:10 PM on Friday evening before the sale. Shop times will be randomly assigned among registered consignors. All consignors are welcome to arrive and shop after 7:10 PM. We suggest that you do not bring children when you shop. Kids who join parents for consignor shop will need to wear name tags. If you must bring your kids, please keep them under your control at all times.  We do not allow strollers at pre-sale.

Pre-sale shopping is a benefit of being a consignor and is ONLY for consignors and their spouses. You may NOT bring friends to shop with you. Pre-sale privileges are also not transferrable to friends. Exceptions may be granted for really pregnant women who bring a parent to help; email Jill Rabach in advance of the sale for approval. We are unable to provide secure, private dressing rooms/space for children to try on clothes; please plan accordingly. Remember to check for rejected items at the presale that may have a missing tag, missing piece, unseasonal item, etc. so that you may fix this item and set back out if appropriate.


Sellers receive 80% of their total sales. Please consider opting for PayPal to receive your payout, which is available with no fees or charges. It saves us money, time and administrative work, and you will receive your money faster.

Please allow at least one month for your payment (check or PayPal) to arrive. If your payment has not arrived within 30 days, please email Jill Rabach. If you have questions about your payout, please bring them to Jill within 60 days of the sale. After that, the results of the sale will be deemed final, and the volunteer staff of Kids Stuff Sale will return to their normal lives in order to rest before the next sale.

Thank You

THANKS For Your Help And Cooperation! We’re looking forward to another successful sale!