All unsold items from the sale are donated to charities that specifically serve the needs of children and families. We work with a variety of local, national and international charities which, in turn, give our donated items to needy children and families. Our goal is to donate to charities that provide the items to those in need free-of-charge, rather than those that resell items to support a particular program.

Local Charities

  • Arlington Food Assistance Center
    The Arlington Food Assistance Center—Arlington’s food pantry—provides supplemental groceries to Arlingtonians who cannot afford to purchase all the food they need.
  • AHC Inc. ahcinc
    AHC Inc is a nonprofit developer of low- and moderate-income housing that operates 19 affordable properties in Arlington. AHC also provides a wide variety of services to improve the quality of residents’ lives, including Summer Camp for children and teens, After-School programs, Teen Alliance, family workshops, and activities for seniors.
  • Bikes for the World
    Bikes for the World is a project of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association whose central mission is to collect unwanted bicycles and related material in the U.S. and deliver it at low cost to community development programs assisting the poor in developing countries or in the Washington DC metropolitan area.
  • Borromeo Housing, Inc.
    borromeoBorromeo Housing, Inc.’s mission is to successfully operate the Elizabeth House program, an education-first residential program for homeless, adolescent mothers and their children. Through our program’s provision of comprehensive services and mandatory client participation in full-time job training and education, Elizabeth House facilitates a young mother’s transition from homelessness and underemployment to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.
    BU-GATA is a community-based organization that works with adults and youth to provide culturally competent advocacy, education and leadership development throughout Arlington, Virginia, with a particular focus on renter advocacy and civic engagement in low-income, immigrant communities.
  • Doorways for Women and Families
    Doorways for Women and Families strives to end homelessness and family and intimate partner violence by offering safe shelter and housing, life changing support services and community advocacy.
  • Martha’s Table
    Martha’s Table’s mission is to serve the needs of the less fortunate in the Washington, DC community through food, learning, healthy living, recreational and family support services.

Global Charities

  • Art For Humanity
    arthumanityA humanitarian organization formed to assist impoverished families and individuals begin micro businesses using current marketable skills.
  • Nicaraguan Orphan Fund
    The mission of the Nicaraguan Orphan Fund is to bring people face to face with suffering children in Nicaragua.
  • Village Schools — Tanzania
    charityMissionary organization helping people of rural Tanzanian villages start, build and run secondary schools.
  • Yaw Pachi Women’s Group’s Center for Orphans Sagam Village, Kenya. Established in 2000 by the Yaw Pachi Women’s Group members, theYaw Pachi Center for Orphans cares for local children who are affected by HIV/AIDS and have been left orphans with no one to take proper care of them.